TrackingYourExercises (link) is a little online tool that makes it possible to track your activities with exercising. It’s main advantages is that it is online and thus accessible through all devices that can go online, and that the user gets his or her data into a database that can be accessed in flexible ways.

The package also contains some tools for actual reporting. These tools are however mainly shaped though my own desires. If you wish the possibilities extended it should be easy to do that yourself (the software is opensource as always), or send me a messages, and I will look into it.

In software terms this package is my first try in doing it all from the ground. Before this I usually was lazy when it came to the administration of users — I relied on other CMS-systems. In this package user-administration is an internal part. Not so difficult since I assume that only one user will access the software. Still, though, it was important to make certain that other people cannot hack the database.