Familieweb (Danish for “FamilyWeb) is an environment for exchanging notes and agreements in families.

Once installed you can create rooms with a specific defintion of who to allow for entrance. The rooms can be structured with time-stamps or as unstructured text. Families can then exchange wish lists, appointments that are relevant to the others in the family, etc.

In software terms the FamilyWeb is merely a little addon to WordPress. It is not structured as an actual “plugin” (as it is known within the WordPress community), rather WordPress is merely a handle for the administration of users (so I was freed from some of the security-issues.

FamilyWeb is set up by installing a WordPress CMS. After that you download this package: LINK (I’m affraid the language is mainly in Danish, but that should not be hard to translate). Unpack the zip-file and put it in the root of your WordPress installation. You’ll then find FamilyWeb at: