When programming Rootchk I also made a tool to check for the presence of drivers: chkdrv.exe. Chkdrv.exe is until now the only C++ projekt that I have finished and used publicly.

It is mainly for use in batch-scripts. It can be used with the following parameters:

chkdrv [Flag]

= the name of the driver you want to check for. If [Flag] is set to 0 the tool will not check for hidden drivers. This can be convenient if there is an aggressive antivirus on the computer that prevents the creation of dummy-drivers.

After running the tool you can check with the ERRORLEVEL command in batch:

0 = Driver not found on the system
1 = Driver found as a visible driver
2 = Driver found as a hidden driver
3 = chkdrv received an error while checking (probably because the driver is hidden)