I love to make computers take over tasks that are tedious. Often when I repeat the same task several times I start thinking that a computer should be able to do this for me. Quite often I end up spending much more time with the task in the long run (if we count the time used on programming in), but it is much more fun.

I’m not a professional programmer. Rather I’m a hacker in the original sense: I’m the person who hack quick fixes together. I’ve never received systematic training, my knowledge mainly stems from searches on the internet. I never become an expert in certain programming language because I keep on wandering between them.

But I have a lot of fun — and I love sharing my work with others. I think the open source movement within programming is very important, and I thus tend to publish my work under open source licenses (typically GPL or MIT).

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Since the middle of the 1980’s I’ve been programming with varying intensity. My first meeting with programming was at the primary school where we learned to make Butler- and Olivetti-computers do some calculations.

Later the school had som Amstrad CPC664-computers (with the 3″ diskstation), where I learned to program a turtle, to make some graphical drawings. We also learned a Danish language called Comal80, besides Basic and a little PolyPascal. I started improving a wordprocessing software called Amsword, and other stuff.

This was the awakening of the computer geek, and after some years I had saved enough money to by a Commodore 128 which was severely investigated — also through programming. I started doing som Basic programming again, but soon found out that this hardware needed som Assembler-programming in order to avoid becomming too slow.

In the mid 1990’s (yes I was a slow mover) I went to the PC-platform (MS-Dos and Windows). In the first run this let to a pause in programming. After some time, however, I found out about Batch-programming and later I also (in order to create my professionally looking interfaces) turned my head towards visual basic scripting (vbs). However VBS also showed to be too limited.

That was the reason why I started turning towards “real” programming languages again. First a little C++, but I left Windows and needed programming languages that more flexibly could serve several platforms at a time. This is the reason why I now mainly program in Perl (very little), Python, Java and Web (PHP & Javascript).

While jumping on the Smartphone-train I also had to learn Android programming.