I’ve for some time been working on a project in which I try to fuse a calendar with a diary. In other calendar systems I don’t like the fact that you risk loosing your “past” when you switch to a new system.

This is the reason I made a different programs to handle different platforms, so that you can have a calendar on multiple devices that synchronize through a Dropbox account, and at the same time you have the databases locally on your devices — in a form that is easily readable for the human eye.

If you then at some point decide to switch to another system you will still have your past available in ordinary text-files — accessible on future devices too.

At first it was created in Python, but in my own cross-over to Android I also (first) created a Java-version (extended edition) before finally doing the Android version too.

The original Python-edition

The Java and Android projects are available at Github with each its own description — so only a couple of words on the Python-edition here.

It’s written in Python2 and uses Wxpython as its user interface. The Python-script should be crossplatform (Windows, Linux, Mac), but I have only tested on Windows/Linux. To run the script you will on Windows have to download both Python and WXpython. On Linux/Mac you only need Wxpython, because Python is installed as default:

Python2: LINK
Wxpython: LINK

This being set, you can download thes two files:

Script: LINK
Icon: LINK

The program is run by saving the files in a common folder, and then write the following in a prompt or a shortcut/starter:

[path-to-python-interpreter]python [path-to-downloaded-files]caltxt8.py
(eg: “c:\Programs\Python\python.exe c:\Documents and Settings\me\Desktop\Calendar\caltxt8.py)

For Windows-users I’ve also packaged a standalone file if you want to avoid all the trouble about installing python environments: LINK

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